History from the Margarita

Like any drink that reaches such ubiquity, the history in the Margarita is shrouded in layers of myth and advertising and marketing. As such, the ‘where’ and ‘who’ are factors we may well under no circumstances truly know. What we do know is the fact that this refreshing summer preferred consists of tequila, lime, and an orange liqueur served in a salt-rimmed glass. Beyond that, we get into speculation and experimentation (the enjoyable stuff).

The name ‘margarita’ could be the Spanish form of the English name ‘Margaret,’ but is also the Spanish name given for the Daisy. Now it just so happens that, around the time that we see the margarita gaining reputation historically, there was an additional popular drink in America referred to as a daisy. The daisy similarly involved a citrus liqueur, a complementary citrus flavor, and rum. This becoming only a decade or so right after the end of prohibition, having said that, there was a lingering reputation in the southern Usa of imported liquor from south of the border – specifically, tequila.

A very simple adaptation of an existing drink, nonetheless does not very explain the speedy development in popularity of the drink within the 1940s and 1950s that continues to this day nor the drastic reduction in complexity (a daisy is created with upwards of 7 ingredients.) So the title of godfather on the margarita was quite much up for grabs for the latter half with the twentieth century. Immediately after considerably speculation and detailed investigation, probably the most widely accepted story is the fact that of a bartender from Ensenada, Mexico by the name of Don Carlos Orozco.

Don Carlos was a bartender at Hussong’s Cantina on the western coast of your Baja Peninsula. On a slow afternoon in October of 1941, he was experimenting with some new drink recipes when in walks Margarita Henkel – the daughter of the local German ambassador. Being a customer of some prestige, Don Carlos offers her his new experiment in welcome. She had no notion then, but she was taking the biggest step forward within the history of tequila because the conquistadores.

Within the ensuing decades, there happen to be numerous incarnations in the renowned beverage have developed. Margarita flavors run the gamut from chipotle pineapple to blood orange and just about anything you may feel of in in between. In total, the margarita has grow to be so common that, in 2008, it was the number 1 most ordered drink inside the US, accounting for 18% of bar drink orders.

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